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    The Room Privée Blog — Erogenous zones

    Come Together

    Couple blowing bubble gum as a way to show how couple can climax together with Room Privee
    “Come together, right now, over me…” …. we wonder what Lennon / McCartney had in mind when they wrote these very descriptive words. They probably explained that somewhere in a polite way and were probably not...

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    What is the G-spot?

    Emily Smith explaining the G-spot
    You’ve heard about the G-spot. Most certainly you have. We hear about it on talk-shows, radio, magazines, but still it's quite possible that you never really knew what it was, and no one ever really told you anything about it, partly because...

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    Tips and Tricks to Female Orgasm

    Woman enjoying herself to emphasise tips and tricks to female orgasm
    If you think I’m revealing some secret spots on the female body that only girls know about and I’m revealing this 5000-year-old secret to you now, then you’re mistaken. It’s actually just common sense. Although this advice can definitely turn out to be quite useful, please please please remember that all women are different, so the advice below is just general info. 

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    10 Female Erogenous Zones We Should Always Keep in Mind

    A drawing showing female buttocks
    “The road to success is not always straight.” These old words of wisdom couldn’t be more relevant when it comes to the body and turning someone on. Even if the obvious goal is right between the legs, it’s important to remember all those hot-spots on the body that can that can cause great stimulation and seriously make your lover (or soon to be lover) horny. 

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