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    The Room Privée Blog — spanking

    Do You Have a Dark Side?

    Girl holding a whip shhh

    How to get into BDSM when you’re a complete novice? I like to argue that we all have a “dark side” and we’re just taming it to be able to live in our civilized world. Freud claimed that being part of a civilized society would somehow protect us from personal chaos, and therefore we have created communal authorities...

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    10 Female Erogenous Zones We Should Always Keep in Mind

    A drawing showing female buttocks
    “The road to success is not always straight.” These old words of wisdom couldn’t be more relevant when it comes to the body and turning someone on. Even if the obvious goal is right between the legs, it’s important to remember all those hot-spots on the body that can that can cause great stimulation and seriously make your lover (or soon to be lover) horny. 

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