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    Sharing is caring. That’s a motto everyone should hold high. Here at Room Privée we believe that sharing your experience with others can help them overcome their insecurities and disbeliefs about sex, break down taboos on sex and sexuality in our society, and clarify others' understanding (or misunderstanding) about sex toys. We encourage you to write about your sexual experience including our sex toys and share it with us.

    All posts will be completely anonymous, of course. Your text will be edited by one of the Room Privée team before being published on our website for it to meet the highest quality standards.

    As a reward, you’ll get 50% discount on your next purchase at Room Privée.*


    • Write about your sexual experience with a sex toy
    • The text must be of minimum 300 words
    • The text must be original, i.e. not copied from somewhere else
    • It must detail what sex toy is being used
    • Please attach a photo of the toy, the online link, or its reference number if it’s bought at Room Privée
    • Remember to state your gender and age, and the name (or nickname) you wish to be listed as the author

    You can write it in Word or simply in plain email. There’s no need to include your real name.

    Send your text to

    One of our team members will review your text to make sure it meets our guidelines. If everything is correct, we will send a discount code of 50% to the email you sent the text from. 


    * The discount code can only be used once and is valid for three months. In case you purchase many items, it will only apply to one product of your choosing.